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About Us

Why We Love Doing This

20 Years Serving the Willamette Valley

We pride ourselves on our customer relationships and effectiveness of our IT services and solutions.

McMinnville Oregon Made

With a growing manufacturing, technology, research and agriculture industries McMinnville brings it all. Nestled into the sweet spot of Oregon. 35 miles from Portland, 46 Miles to the Beach, surrounded by picturesque landscapes and wonderfully warm and welcoming people.  McMinnville Made

Solid Secure Team

Teamwork, leadership, dependability, confidentiality, professionalism, are Alexonet’s pillars of success. We are a cohesive team from many different walks of life. If you are looking for the team with experience in helping customers achieve business success than you are in the right place. Connect With Us

Creative Thinkers

Yup, that’s a 747 on top of a water park. Where we come from this is normal. We come from a land of creative thinkers and builders and farmers, and the mindset of think big and think creatively did not stop with our area founders. We take your ideas and make them an I.T. reality. Let’s Work Together

Technology is a Means to an End

Too many I.T. companies and professionals can’t resist experimenting with the latest thing, but your business is not an experiment or a test. Our goal is to improve the effectiveness, productivity and profitability of your organization. Usually, this means we don’t choose the latest trend, we choose the most reliable.

Data is the Key

Most I.T. consulting companies recommend paying more money into hardware in the idea that a better machine will be less likely to fail. We plan for hardware failure by protecting your data with automated, monitored backups and offsite redundancy. This approach reduces costs and protects what really matters, your data.

Superior Customer Support

You matter to us. At Alexonet we believe people matter, things don’t. In other words, we feel technology is just one more tool to help employee productivity  and support the goals of your organization, and it’s our mission to deliver reliable I.T. services and I.T. consulting while delivering superior customer support.

Our Alexonet 100% Guarantee


We cannot always control the uncontrollable. Like weather, mass internet outages, and disasters. But three of the most important things that we can control after running a sound I.T. infrastructure are customer service, confidentiality, and dedication to our customers and it’s employees.
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