Managed Voice Services

Managed Voice Services

Managed Voice Services

What are Managed Voice Services

Managed voice services refer to a service provider-managed system that combines some or all of your internet connection, hardware, and voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) into a single package. Using these types of digital voice solutions, your service provider monitors and administers your phones instead of your team, saving you time and resources.

Businesses choose managed voice services over building their own VoIP systems for a number of reasons. First, businesses often do not wish to deal with the expense and difficulty of establishing and maintaining a network. The second reason for outsourcing is to save time and resources. 

Other forms of managed voice services may include managed PBX and SIP trunking. With managed PBX, team members can have short-hand numbers to reach each other with ease. With SIP trunking, international calls can be made using existing systems. This is done by connecting the current PBX to the internet, which lowers costs and gives the company more options.

When you choose to work with a managed voice services provider, installation, maintenance, and support can all be included. Rather than investing a large amount of your resources into upfront capital, you will be able to allocate your resources as-needed to a subscription-based service. This can be a huge boon when you’re just starting out as a new company, or even for those of you looking to expand or initialize your communications department.

How Managed Voice Services Work

Managed voice services start by cutting down on the need for different kinds of phone equipment throughout your office. MVS offers cloud-based solutions that enable geographically dispersed teams to communicate effectively. These hosted solutions can give your employees tools for real-time collaboration, such as voice communication, web and video conferencing, voicemail, mobility, screen sharing, instant messaging, and more.

Managed voice services let you do your usual communication tasks over a private network that is highly secure. This adds another layer of benefits to an already significant advantage. Your chosen managed voice services will be on a cloud-based network, so you’ll be able to access them from a custom portal. This also means that only the people you deem necessary will be able to use them. 

Your managed voice services provider will work with you to install and set up a VoIP system at your business. This is accomplished by analyzing your internet connection and equipment to determine the VoIP system that will work best. After installation, the MVS partner will keep an eye on and manage your digital voice services to make sure they keep working properly. It is the responsibility of the managed voice company to ensure that these managed services are always available.

Managed Voice Services with Alexonet

Managed voice services are loaded with features, including voicemail, automated answering, and call forwarding. You also have the option of many advanced features previously unavailable to many small and medium-sized businesses. As part of its benefits, a managed vocal system’s adaptability and upgradeability ensure that the software and hardware are always current. Upgrades are straightforward, as they are managed remotely via the cloud.

Some Managed Voice Systems also use a private, distributed network instead of a public network, which makes the network safer and more secure. Managed voice systems put voice traffic at the top of the list so that all communications on a single platform or network have a stable, high-quality connection. With more ease and flexibility in your digital voice services than ever before, these managed digital voice solutions can cut down on latency, increase your bandwidth, and make sure your communications are always up and running.

Choosing Alexonet as your managed voice services provider means taking the improvement of your business seriously. Our team of experts has experience across many industries. We have faced and conquered cyberattacks and creatively addressed unique customer needs successfully. Adaptability is key in this ever-changing digital landscape, and we are happy to say we come out on top when it matters most. Talk to our team about what you need from your managed voice service so we can help you set up the best system for your business’s long-term success.

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Managed Voice Services

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