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What is Zero Trust Security

Zero Trust cybersecurity is an IT security model that necessitates strict identity verification for every user and device attempting to access a private network’s resources, regardless of their location within the network perimeter. This way, a cyberthreat that has managed to pose as a member of your organization will never have an advantage. 

One of the first steps in Zero Trust is to figure out which data, assets, applications, and services are the most important and valuable for the network. Users, applications, and infrastructure are all included in a comprehensive zero trust approach. This facilitates the development of Zero Trust security policies and helps prioritize where to begin. By figuring out what their most important assets are, organizations can use Zero Trust to prioritize and protect these assets.

Zero Trust security involves ensuring that users accessing particular applications and data on your network are really supposed to be doing so and that they are truly who they say they are. Understanding who your users are, which applications they use, and how they connect is the next step in determining and enforcing a policy that ensures secure access to your most vital assets. With Zero Trust practices, even if someone is already in your system and has not previously committed any grievances, they will still be caught if they try to do anything bad.

What is Zero Trust

Traditional network and cybersecurity models are based on the outdated idea that everything on an organization’s network should be trusted. Recognition of the validity of cyber threats led to the development of “Zero Trust” principles. Because there aren’t enough granular security controls, once on the network, users, including threat actors and malicious insiders, are free to move around, access sensitive data, and steal it.

Having zero trust means that you don’t automatically trust anyone with access to your systems, whether that person is a regular and dependable employee of your company or a stranger from the outside. Since 80% of cyberattacks involve the wrong use or misuse of credentials in a system, it was decided that the “trust but verify” model wasn’t enough. This led to the creation of the “zero trust” model. 

For that reason, companies are now moving en masse to the new “never trust, always verify” model of operations. As the pandemic grew in 2020, the need for a high level of security in this regard skyrocketed. When left to the whims of your cybersecurity, it’s critical that you make no exceptions when it comes to who is accessing your data. That’s what zero trust is all about.

Zero Trust Security with Alexonet

The traditional approach to cybersecurity is becoming increasingly ineffective, inefficient, and hazardous. Zero Trust cybersecurity, in contrast to perimeter-based security, enables enterprises to securely and selectively connect users to applications, data, services, and systems on a one-to-one basis, regardless of whether the resources reside on-premises or in the cloud, and regardless of where users are working.

When you work with Alexonet to secure your network, you can be sure that we will use the best in Zero Trust practices. Alexonet has earned the reputation of being experts in cybersecurity, managed IT services, and Zero Trust best practices. 

Applying Zero Trust security principles reduces an organization’s vulnerability. Also, Zero Trust limits the damage of an attack by keeping it in a small area. This is done through microsegmentation, which also lowers the cost of recovery if something goes wrong. By requiring multiple authentication factors, Zero Trust mitigates the effects of credential theft and phishing attacks. It helps eliminate attacks that circumvent traditional perimeter-based defenses.

With the proper technology partner, adopting the Zero Trust security model can be relatively straightforward. Alexonet will help you make this happen seamlessly and with minimal time-disruption to your business. Reach out to our team to learn more and get your own Zero Trust implementation started.

Zero Trust Security
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