Managed Backups

Managed Backup Services

Managed Backup Services

What are Managed Backup Services

With managed backup services, a third-party provider takes care of running and managing backups of your company’s vital data, applications, software, and systems. This can be done on the premises of your business or remotely, depending on your preference. Either way, files of these backups should also be stored redundantly at an offsite location for added security.

These days, there are many different types of digital threats. These include the ubiquitous danger of hackers as well as human error, hardware malfunction, natural disasters, and viruses. Any threat that materializes has the potential to cause data loss, damage to your business, and lost revenue.

Having a managed backup service in place ensures that your network is functioning properly at all times. When an application becomes outdated, the managed backup can bring things current. If your software licenses are up for renewal, a managed backup service will recognize the upcoming issue and remedy things before they become a problem. Of course, backing up your records and proprietary company data is one of the most important aspects of a good managed backup service. In every way, managed backup services are a wise investment for any business.

Why Managed Backup Services Matter

Organizations that need a high level of assurance for backups, or who otherwise lack the expertise to properly ensure reliable backups on their own, will find that managed backup services are an ideal way to go. This ensures that systems operate effectively when they are needed most.

Having a reliable managed backup service is incredibly important. With a plan in place, your business can operate with peace of mind, knowing nothing is at risk of falling out of date and creating issues. Outdated applications and software can create unforeseen problems that snowball and slow down your business. This includes vulnerability to damaging cybersecurity attacks. By ensuring everything stays updated and retrievable, you also don’t have to worry about updates interrupting your business day when software demands an update to allow its use.

With managed backups from Alexonet, we can help with the scheduling of current and future backups of your data and will closely monitor the backup process as well as the backed-up data itself. Depending on your specific needs, we can recommend a specific avenue of support that is flexible enough to work with your business schedule, your industry compliance standards, and the daily functions of your employees.

Managed Backups with Alexonet

Many small to medium sized businesses don’t often have the time, resources, or knowledge to properly manage backups themselves. While the act of overseeing backups is not difficult, it is an extra burden that few business owners have the availability to address while also managing the daily functions of the enterprise. 

Rather than choosing an often forgotten DIY approach, we recommend working with a trusted partner who can oversee these tasks for you. Alexonet can not only oversee the backups and updates of your vital systems, but we can also take care of the security and recovery of your data if ever an issue arises, so you can focus on your normal daily business life. 

What do managed backup services look like in terms of day-to-day operations? To begin, Alexonet will handle the setup, such as installing and configuring the appropriate software on your systems. We also make sure your backup server is secure and protected. The initial setup process is your chance to let us know exactly what you’d like to be included in the backups, be it literally everything or only specific parts of your system’s data. Then, we manage the ongoing backup process through our managed backup services. This is most commonly done remotely. 

After the setup is complete, we will perform regular testing of your system and backed up data to ensure they are in pristine operating condition and all working properly should the need arise for recovery. Should anything go wrong, we will have a guaranteed service level agreement (SLA) in place for backup and recovery times. 

Professional managed backup services securely and safely help your business avoid the dangers of data loss and push your company toward hassle-free operation of all digital systems. With Alexonet on your side, you get the power of professional co-managed IT services, as well as the peace of mind needed to focus on your business. Our team can collaborate with you to create the best plan for your business, and then put that plan into action. To get started, simply speak with our team today.

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