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What is a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

A Cybersecurity Risk Assessment is a look at how well an organization can protect its data and information systems from cyber threats. The objective of a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment is to identify, evaluate, and prioritize risks to your information system. While cybersecurity is not a front-of-mind concern for most small businesses, the threat to even the smallest businesses is increasing. The more growth and success your business experiences, the greater your chance for cybersecurity attacks.

A Cybersecurity Risk Assessment gives you a very accurate picture of how well your company can protect the information and systems it owns from cyber threats. Then, your company can give accurate information to shareholders, administrators, and other interested parties (based on a “need-to-know” basis) so that time and resources can be used most effectively. These important people will appreciate the hands-on and transparent approach. Once risks have been identified and interested parties consulted, you can choose how best to respond and prepare.

How a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Works

There are various ways in which a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment can be done. Through a cybersecurity assessment, you can identify everything that challenges or threatens your business, so you can develop a strategy to address them. 

An application vulnerability assessment is a full review of a chosen application that uses a number of commercially available and open-source tools. Given the widespread use of various day-to-day applications across every business in all industries, this is an essential tool when it comes to a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment.

Another type of Cybersecurity Risk Assessment is an enterprise security assessment, which collates the entire infrastructure and looks at it in fine detail. Because this kind of evaluation is so detailed and wide-ranging, existing policies and procedures are also judged very harshly.

You may choose to do a host-based security assessment if you’re worried about a specific workstation, like that of a high-ranking member, someone with high-level access, or an employee who seems to be the target of many cyber attacks. This type of Cybersecurity Risk Assessment can look at both a specific workstation and a specific server.

A network-based security assessment looks at how likely it is that an attack or break-in will come from the internet or intranet. By using a combination of application- and host-based methods, we’ll give you an accurate reading on how vulnerable (or secure) your system really is.

Finally, a physical security assessment will evaluate the vulnerabilities of your staff and environment in relation to the overall network and infrastructure.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessments with Alexonet

There are a number of reasons to conduct a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment, as well as a few reasons why you must. Some of the most pressing reasons include;

Reducing Costs: Identifying potential threats and vulnerabilities and then working to mitigate them has the potential to prevent or reduce security incidents, thereby saving your organization money and/or reputational harm over time.

Organizational Knowledge: Knowing organizational weaknesses clarifies the areas in which the organization requires improvement.

Avoid Cybersecurity Attacks: Data breaches can have a significant impact on a company’s finances and reputation. Cyber ransoms work by encrypting or securing your files so that you cannot access them. To restore access to files or to prevent data and intellectual property from being released or sold online, a ransom is typically demanded, typically in the form of cryptocurrency.

Regulatory Compliance: You may be held responsible for stolen customer data if you neglected to comply with HIPAA, PCI DSS, or APRA CPS 234. By proactively evaluating and addressing these issues in advance, you can save hours of time and thousands of dollars.

Data Loss: Cyber risk assessments are fundamental to information risk management and a company’s overall risk management strategy. Businesses could lose money if their trade secrets, source code, or other important information assets were stolen.

By choosing Alexonet for your Cybersecurity Risk Assessments, you are giving your company a true fighting chance against all sorts of cyber attacks and threats. Not only will your cybersecurity assessment provide a clear and useful breakdown of anything that can be used to negatively impact your information and information systems, but when you choose to work with Alexonet, you’ll also have a team of experts on your side ready to provide any additional cybersecurity services you may need. Get started with a simple conversation with our team.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment
Cybersecurity Risk Assessments
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