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Yes, absolutely. But you must pick an I.T. group that is HIPAA compliant themselves. Which Alexonet is. As of September 2013, your Business Associates (BA) are required to meet all of the HIPAA Security Rules, just like you are. So make sure when you are vetting new IT firms to ask the right questions.

Not an issue. Many of our clients have a designated I.T. support employee or in-house IT department to handle day-to-day technical issues and minor network problems. These organizations often count on us for the most critical IT Support or “Heavy Lifting” functions, such as strategic advice, elevated technical projects, second opinions, IT security and advanced business migrations and support.

You get a experienced team of I.T. professionals that you would not be able to get from hiring onsite IT. You will see a reduction in Annual I.T. costs. Reduce HR responsibilities and operational headaches. Improve network performance and access. Improve employee happiness and satisfaction with I.T. Services and Support. Ensure continuity in I.T. support personnel and structure. Receive piece of mind in knowing that true experts are managing your I.T. environment.

You can either call us at 503-883-9046, or contact us through our contact us page.

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