Multi Factor Authentication

Multi Factor Authentication Services

Multi Factor Authentication Services

What is Multi Factor Authentication

Multi Factor Authentication is a security measure used to verify, or authenticate, the identity of the user through multiple methods before accessing a network, system, or application. MFA services help you avoid data breaches and make sure that your company’s digital presence meets compliance standards. Depending on the kind of information and data your company keeps, you’ll need to ensure a certain level of security, both for your employees and for your customers and site users. 

Consider, for example, that you’ve just made an online purchase through an online retailer using the credit card you use for all personal expenses. You can choose to save the credit card information on their website for the future. Days later, a plethora of new purchases show up on your account that you’re certain you had nothing to do with. Chances are, the security on their server surrounding your credit card information was insufficient and would most likely be considered non-compliant. While a fine on their end or even a shutdown of their services might make you feel better in the short run, in the long run, you know your information is now out there and you’ll need a new card.

The Importance of Multi Factor Authentication

Although the majority of online retailers and other reputable businesses typically store credit card information securely, the last thing you’d want is to be on the blacklist of businesses that don’t adhere to compliance standards. You’d hate for that terrible experience with the online retailer to happen to someone else as a result of insufficient security. Multi-factor authentication is one great way to help push your company over that line of sufficient data security.

So what are the different factors that can be used within multi factor authentication, and how can you employ the use of two factor authentication services? To level up your data security and let customers and clients rest easy knowing your company is reliable in all facets, especially when it comes to who accesses their private information, you need to show them you are taking their security seriously with MFA services.

Start Using MFA Services

The nature of the factors of multi factor authentication services can be varied, but ultimately they come down to the application of knowledge, possession, or inherence. 

Knowledge: This type of factor refers to things that you know. Common types of knowledge factors include passwords, pin codes, and security questions. Most of the time, this is the first layer of security for getting into an account. The problem is that anyone who knows this information can use it.

Possession: Those who have used a two factor authentication service in the past are likely familiar with this type, which relies upon a specific item in the user’s possession. Items of possession commonly include smartphones, emails (often for OTPs, one-time passwords), and key fobs. These definitely up the ante when compared to knowledge factors.

Inherence: The last type of factor involves biometric measures such as a user’s voice, fingerprints, or facial recognition. These are rapidly gaining popularity on mobile devices and beyond.

Putting it all together, multi factor authentication services use two or more elements of the above in order to craft a high-security buffer for your business. Alexonet can help you secure your site with multi factor authentication services so you no longer have to worry about vulnerability and intrusion. This is often accomplished using plugins on your website that ensure these extra security measures are in place.

In order to get started with MFA services, simply reach out to our team and explain your needs. From there, we can work with you to identify the best solution and help you put it in place. In doing this, you can rest easy knowing your website is more secure and your business is better protected.

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Multi Factor Authentication Services
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Multi Factor Authentication Services

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