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Cyber Security Essentials for Small Businesses

Where to Start

Small or medium-sized businesses looking to up their security game and open their doors to plenty of cybersecurity potential are often met with an endless barrage of “must-haves”. Industry experts can certainly guide you in the right direction, and settling down with your friendly neighborhood MSP will let you get services on a needs basis. Usually, however, you won’t start things off with the swift and unresearched hiring of just anyone to handle your digital affairs. That’s where this blog post comes in. Read on to learn about some of the absolute essentials of cybersecurity when it comes to owning and operating a small (or medium) business.

The Tasks at Hand

Company Policies: A relatively basic thing to set up before you even get into the nitty-gritty of the digital space is the rules and regulations your company sets forth. It’s critical to have clear and comprehensive policies around everything that will touch your cyber landscape. This should include everything from how your employees conduct themselves online to how company devices are used (in and outside of work) and network access. With a firm compliance risk management policy in place, you can rest a bit easier.

Training: Beyond the rules of your company, it’s still possible for employees to get themselves and your business into trouble without meaning to do so. A big part of the training they’ll need to help enhance your cybersecurity is phishing awareness training. With the daily onslaught of emails, website access, and even mobile apps, it’s not as difficult as you might otherwise think to get caught in a trap that steals valuable information. On an individual level, this leaves your employee in a bad situation. On a company-wide level, it leaves private business data and even customer information in the hands of cybercriminals.

Enhanced Security: The particular details of this can look like a variety of different things, but ultimately, you’re looking to enhance the systems themselves. One way of doing so is with multi factor authentication services (MFA) to ensure only the right personnel are accessing your systems. Another great way to enhance security is through the creation, maintenance, and upkeep of secure networks (and the training to go along with them). Be sure to have your company’s employees only use a secure email gateway (SEG) so that all intra-company messages are kept safe from interception and unlawful access. 

Assessment: Getting your systems audited is a critical first step before making any sweeping changes to the way your company handles its IT department. An experienced MSP can help you with a thorough cybersecurity risk assessment. They would also be able to provide you with risk assessment and risk management solutions. Getting your existing systems and computers cleaned up and ready for the tasks ahead will enable you to maximize efficiency across the board.

Emergency Plan: When all else fails, you’ll want to have incident response policies and IT disaster recovery tools in place to help you get back on your feet ASAP. You may also want to consider being proactive with cloud backups.

Navigating the Cyber Security Landscape with Confidence

Cybersecurity is a top priority for small business owners in today’s ever-changing digital landscape. By proactively addressing concerns, you not only preserve sensitive data and customer information, but you also strengthen your company’s resilience in the event of unexpected obstacles. In an age when the digital sphere is so intertwined with daily operations, these precautions might be the difference between business continuity and disruption. Cyber dangers will come knocking not if, but when, and by sticking to these rules, you can ensure that your organization is prepared to negotiate the complex world of cyber security with confidence and peace of mind.

Ready to fortify your small business against cyber threats? Don’t navigate this complex landscape alone. If you have questions or need expert guidance, contact Alexonet today. We’re here to help you bolster your cyber security and ensure your business thrives in the digital age. Reach out to us for peace of mind and a resilient future.

Other Preventative Measures to Enhance Mobile App Security

In addition to using the above methods to identify rogue mobile apps, you can do more for yourself and your company to ensure and enhance mobile app security. Partnering with a trusted cybersecurity consulting company like Alexonet means you don’t have to know everything; you just need to be aware of best practices.

Phishing Training: Alexonet provides tailored programs to educate users on the dangers of phishing attacks and equip them with the skills to recognize and respond to such threats. These phishing awareness training sessions cover topics such as identifying phishing emails, understanding social engineering tactics, and more.

Mobile App and Malware Training: Alexonet offers specialized mobile app and malware training. Learn to assess app permissions, evaluate the legitimacy of app developers, and spot warning signs of harmful apps. Best practices for mobile security are also covered.

Protecting your mobile device from malicious software and rogue applications is a crucial part of modern digital life. Potential dangers are growing along with the mobile app industry. You may dramatically lower your risk of being a victim of malicious software by staying aware of the hazards, adopting safe app installation practices, and routinely updating the security features on your device. Remember that a proactive approach to mobile app security not only safeguards your personal information but also makes using your phone safer and more fun. Keep an eye out for threats, stay safe, and maintain control over your digital life. If you have any questions or want a cyber security review, simply reach out to our co-managed IT team for personalized security solutions.

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