Cybersecurity Risk Assessments

Why Small Businesses Need Cybersecurity

The Digital Threat is Just as Real

A common and unfortunate misconception that many small and medium sized business owners have is that they’re not targets for digital threats. While small or medium-sized businesses certainly are “less” of a target than major corporations, they are still at risk. 

These days, digital theft is actually more common than physical theft. Indeed, it may be hard to believe at first, but consider the barriers to entry: a computer, internet access, and a rudimentary knowledge of hacking, phishing, scamming, and malice. Put those simple ingredients together, and you have a potential digital thief (cybercriminal). On the other hand, physical thieves take a lot more risks from the get-go, which is often (but not always, of course) enough to deter them from ever even considering the crime in the first place. When it comes to your physical storefront, you wouldn’t think twice about security measures. Things like keeping the door locked when you’re gone for the day, having one or more security cameras, and keeping the cash in a safe box or the cash register are just a few of the no-brainers you would never second-guess.

The Unavoidable Need for Cybersecurity

In the same way that you can’t simply make your physical business invisible when you’re closed, you also cannot avoid the fact that your website and network-connected hardware are constantly leaving you with a vulnerable digital presence. Whether it’s your website, social media accounts, email, or servers and desktops, your digital presence will consistently persist. You may think, “Well, I’ll just not set up a website or any social media accounts”, but keeping yourself in the dark, unfortunately, is not an effective cyber security measure. In reality, this approach only makes you an easier target for others to create issues. By sticking your head in the sand, so to speak, you open yourself up to things such as fake websites spoofing your business, fake social media accounts misrepresenting you, and other more complicated scams.

A Cybersecurity Risk That is Much too High

As time goes by, your business may seem more and more vulnerable to risk. Once exposed, the risk can fester and grow like a virus, unmanageable and without limitations. The adverse impacts of this happening will compound and eventually disable your business. Customers, expecting safe and secure transactions, will grow skeptical of your professionalism and ability to keep their information and data safe. Suppliers, an integral part of any business’s growth and success, may also be impacted, becoming unwilling to work with you. This same risk can spread to other businesses you wish to interact with and to employees who are leery of the risks your business vulnerability brings. With your digital presence compromised, you’ll be left with a struggling company with few options but an emergency response. It seems wise, then, to consider a proactive approach that will protect you from such an eventuality. By working with a trustworthy cybersecurity MSP, you can begin now to take simple, proactive steps to help keep your business safe and your hard-earned money in your pocket.

Managed Cybersecurity: A Simple Solution

Working with a trusted MSP like Alexonet to provide small business managed security services with effective, proactive services such as ransomware monitoring and remote monitoring and management (different aspects of the same overall protection strategy) is a good way to begin addressing these concerns. An experienced MSP will be able to work with you according to your budget and specific needs. They an craft a customized solution that addresses your unique needs and vulnerabilities.

Managing your IT doesn’t have to be a massive capital investment. With a proactive, forward-thinking mindset, you can both save yourself from harmful problems in the future while also saving money, retaining customers, and establishing long-term business viability. Talk with the Alexonet cybersecurity team to evaluate your custom plan and begin protecting your business’s future today!

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